This simple trick in your settings will save your iPhone battery and prevent battery drain.

It seems more and more users are reporting battery drain after IOS updates. This tip will extend the battery life and get back the power and juice to keep the iPhone battery functioning longer.

Step 1.

Open settings on iPhone

Step 2.

Scroll down, then choose or touch “Passwords & Accounts

Step 3.

Choose and touch “Fetch New Data

Step 4.

Choose “Manual” on the accounts.

Turn off Push, make sure it turns grey (not green colour).

Choose “Automatically or Manually” for Fetch.

Step 5.

This is how the settings should look on your iPhone. This will save your battery from draining.

Please note: If “FETCH” is set to “Automatically“, it will fetch and retrieve data when iPhone is plugged in with wifi on.

apple ios 13

This is definitely the fastest operation system update to come to the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. The speed of opening Apps is much quicker, the movement and gestures are much better, and overall a very impressive update from Apple.

Some favourite features are the photo editing options, reminders, and dark mode.

Check out more of the features of IOS from Apple here:

Many people have been asking how to add tags or keywords to the photos in ios on iPhone and iPad.

There is not an easy way via Apple itself, but you can download a neat app on Apple App Store called:

” pictagger ” , get it here:

Pictagger will give you the solution to add tags and keywords to your photos in ios on iPhone and iPad so you can easily search and find the photos quickly.

Great app!

Arktikism Recordings Responsive Adaptable Mobile Device Ready Site !

New responsive web design for mobile platforms just launched!

Our client gets a responsive adaptable website making it easier for users with mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, smartphones, and laptops to view the site without compromising the site contents, reading text, images, etc.

Check out on your device and see for yourself. Now mobile friendly. Enjoy!